Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Christoper Long sues NYPD

I noticed an uptick in searches for Christopher Long today. Long is the guy who was bodyslammed by NYPD officer Patrick Pogan during a Critical Mass bicycle ride.

It turns out Chris Long is in the news -- he's suing the New York Police Department for $1.5 million for trying to cover up Pogan's unprovoked attack on Long.
A video later appeared on YouTube showing that Pogan was unprovoked when he threw his shoulder into Long's body.

"Nobody would have cried foul if it wasn't for that video," said Long's lawyer, Jonathan Moore.
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Other bikey news...

July 7 London Bombing Memorial - Unveiling

My bike and my car hate each other.

Martin Krieg had to bail on his cross country high wheel bike adventure.

San Francisco Bicycle Film Festival next week.

San Mateo Sheriff says inattentive drivers are dangerous to cyclists. Their solution? An enforcement action against cyclists. The logic is flawless.

Influence peddling (pedaling? har har!) and the powerful pedestrian / bicycling lobby!

Footprints coaches.


Russ said...

Fritz, you said the "honor the stop" campaign is outrageous. I am just curious as to why you feel that way. Is it the idea or the way the it program is carried out.

Yokota Fritz said...

Russ, I "Honor the Stop" but to tie a campaign encouraging cyclists to obey the law to a homicide in which the cyclists were obeying the law is a strange disconnect for me.

Russ said...

I see your point and agree with you.