Monday, July 06, 2009

Mostly Non Tour bike news

Hi all, I hope you had a nice weekend. My family and I were in our small town's parade and then we watched the fireworks Saturday night. Several people (including my family) walked and biked to the fireworks and back.

Bicycle paramedics save a life. "The Fire Department's response time at [the event] is less than two minutes, in part because of the three, two-man bike teams on site."

Red White and Blue

“I think that no matter what happened it was an accident,” said Sauve-Milwain, who is a business manager in Windsor. “No matter if someone was talking on their phone, whatever happened, it was tragic. Nobody is to be blamed. Everybody lost somebody. It’s a part of life.”
Details on this at How We Drive.

NYT: Urban Cycling Gender Gap.

Indonesia red tags handicapped pedestrians. "Rather than scapegoating its most vulnerable residents in the name of “safety,”" writes Tom Vanderbilt, "Jakarta would be better of dealing with its litany of actual traffic problems." More here.

A Ride with George Hincapie.

Sweetness: Rafael custom carbon frames.

Huff Post: Riding the rails (on bike!) in Argentina.

Selling transit to conservatives.

Extreme Panda Portraits.

How It's Made: BICYCLES.

Bike Skirt: What's right about Critical Mass?

Pearl Izumi's silly viral video.

Christian VdV: Dream almost derailed.

Bike Among the Ruins of Detroit.

Cycling Bad to the Bones.

Tandem cycling: Who gets the ticket?


SiouxGeonz said...

We actually had a crash reported as a *crash.* It was even reported as if it really was horrible for a driver to drive off and leave somebody lying in the road.

SiouxGeonz said...

link to news story here