Thursday, July 02, 2009

Transformers bike

Can you guess what this is?

1. A collab between Dreamworks SKG and Fuji bikes.

2. A step up from the infamous Jake the Snake bike.

3. A miniature bike model from Pedal ID.

Via Prolly Is Not Probably. Seen also at WIRED Gadget Blog.


James said...

Toy or not...that is a crazy seat angle. Looks more like a slide than a saddle.

rhodesian said...

Wow! What a great design. I'd love to have one. It's sooooo clean. Just need to adjust the saddle a tad or bust a nad.

Here's a transofrmer as well - an electric bike that goes >30MPH! The Optibike is a masterpiece made in the USA, in Colorado;

Human_amp said...

Surely a transformer bike must be a really clever filing bike :-)

Human_amp said...

Dang -that is FOLDING bike

Andreas said...

Excellent bit of marketing. Though I would not be seen dead cycling that thing around!