Thursday, October 22, 2009

2010 Tour of California host cities

Well, the official announcement was supposed to be at 10 AM, but several people (including the Governator) pre-announced about a half hour ago. Here are the host cities.

Stage 1, Sunday May 16: Amgen Tour of California will begin with a 78 mile race from Nevada City to Sacramento.

Stage 2, Monday May 17: Davis to Santa Rosa.

Stage 3, Tuesday May 18: San Francisco to Santa Cruz, including the Bonny Doon hill climb but without the Golden Gate Bridge.

Stage 4, Wednesday May 19: San Jose to Modesto.

Stage 5, Thursday May 20: Visalia to Bakersfield. (Bakersfield?)

Stage 6, Friday May 21: Pasadena to Big Bear.

Stage 7, Saturday May 22: Los Angeles Time Trial.

Stage 8, Sunday May 23: Thousands Oaks / Santa Monica Mountains circuit. Title sponsor Amgen is headquartered in Thousdand Oaks, CA.

The host cities were revealed during a cute, pre-arranged Twitter conversation between California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie and David Zabriskie. The cyclists listed "8 reasons to race the Tour of California" which turned out to be a list of the stages and host cities. According to Tour of California organizer AEG sports, this is the first time an event of this stature has been announced on Twitter.



bikesgonewild said... sausalito involvement for the first time which prob'ly means no awesome food & wine tasting party the night before the stage...

...that was a spectacular success w/ the locals, believe me...amazing food from throughout the local area & awesome wines from the whole norcal growing region...

...i guarantee you, it will be missed...

Len said...

Great to see it starting in Nevada City, CA!

Erik Orgell said...

I am definitely going to be out again for the Santa Cruz stage. Wish I could go on tour with the Tour but I think my work would probably notice me missing.

We should do a Santa Cruz ATOC Tweetup and BBQ or something fun.

Yokota Fritz said...

@BGW: Yeah, disappointing about Sauasalito but they couldn't get the GGB segment again.

@Len: Indeed! Should be a great start!

@Erik: Mmm, BBQ! The Santa Cruz LOC has a "Social Media Director" (Karen Kefauver) so I'll mention that to her!