Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eiko (age 84) rides a bicycle for Bike MS!

Eiko is 84 years old and rides 150 miles for Bike MS in New Jersey. She's done this for 26 years now!

Eiko rides 150 miles for MS research in New Jersey wearing a dress and heels.

Photo courtesy Glenn Cantor and published with his kind permission.


Pete LaVerghetta said...

She's famous. We saw her for years, she was written up in the Philadelphia Inquirer a few years back. That article noted that she had a Thermos of green tea and some cold soba noodles in her basket. I think I went to high school with Glenn Cantor, too. Small world. Nice woman.

RidingPretty said...
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RidingPretty said...

This is Amazing! What a role model ...and she rides in a dress and heels!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, but what in the name of God's green Earth is that guy wearing???