Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bicycles and balloons

bike and balloons

Gee, wasn't that fun following the adventures of "Balloon Boy" Falcon Heene today, and it turns out he's safe and sound at home the whole time. My buddy Brian wonders if this was a publicity stunt.

What else happened today?

US headed for massive decline in carbon emissions.

A San Francisco cyclist hit and run journal entry. With photos! His Boing Boing friends seem to think the driver might actually face some consequences, but the reality is that many hit and run cases are never prosecuted or even investigated.

Thomas Dekker -- the guy who played a young "John Connor" in The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- was arrested for felony DUI after he hit a bicyclist. The victim is a 17 year old kid who was transported to a hospital for minor injuries.

Bicycle Taitung County Taiwan

Bicycle Design looks at the Spooklight.

Riding Pretty: Fall bicycle chic dressing trends.

Curtis rides an old man's bike with old man gear.

Have a good one!

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murphstahoe said...

jwz got hit and run. I guess his 20 item list on how to be a perfect cyclist (don't be fooled into getting presta valves, don't fix your own tires, don't use quick releases) was not enough to save him.

Hope he fries his enemy