Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bottle cap mirrors

Vanilla Bicycle Detail by Jonathan Maus. From the 2007 NAHBS.

Step-by-step instructions from Ben Salzberg to make home-made mirrors for mounting on your eyeglasses or helmets at Instructables. Via BikePortland.

Square writes some Baiku.

Dr. Alexander Dlugi is the loser. A New Jersey jury took about 15 minutes to decide that an 11-year-old girl on rollerblades was not at fault for causing a doctor to crash his bicycle.

Ode to the Local Bike Shop.

Daily Fuel Economy Tip: Ride a bike.

Gwadzilla needs some loving.

Streetsblog: Cars conquering the bicycle kingdom (on how China is the world's number 2 car market).

Treadly recounts the story of how a psychologist fooled the Nazis to acquire a weapon of subversion: the bicycle!

Velorution: Stolen bikes and eBay.

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