Thursday, March 01, 2007

NYC to regulate, limit pedicabs

"Sandra bike" by Koen De Jonghe. Seen at Bike Hugger.

Bike-powered rickshaws or pedicabs began to appear midtown. Since then, these clean, safe and 1000% eco-friendly vehicles have proliferated mostly in Manhattan, the epinephrine sloshing around inside their super-fit operators manifested as a cheeriness that's in stark contrast to the murderous dyspepsia of all other drivers.

Yesterday the New York City Council voted overwhelmingly to put a stop to such hippy-dippy, tree-hugging nonsense. It bowed to the usual thuggish cartel of taxi-fleet bosses, "merchant" organizations, hotel and theater-owners, delivery-truck fleets, parking-lot operators et al. who have obstructed any meaningful reduction of internal combustion vehicles in New York City for decades, leeching off our common spaces and resources for their private profit and turning our streets and avenues, especially in Manhattan - into multi-storey sewers of lethal toxins, gasses and particulates.
   -- Read more: New York City Council Votes No on Pedicabs, Yes on Globe-Warming, Gas-Guzzling Behemoths. Reported also at Streetsblog.

Lottery winner buys bikes. "He bought bikes including as $12k BMC! This is especially cool when you consider that he bought a 2002 Jetta worth $15k. So he basically has spent more on cool bikes than a new car."

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

That Descente ad cracks me up. Sorta...

The only real negative thought I have is; why point out the perceived "negative" of cycling? Kind like cutting off one of your own hands... butt maybe it's just me.

Fritz said...

Good point, Tim. But car sellers constantly hype up the safety features of their cars, which is kind of similar I guess.