Friday, March 02, 2007

Dr. Alexander Dlugi might be an idiot

Doctor Alexander Dlugi was riding his bike at no more than 8 mph, tried to pass eleven-year-old Lauren Ellis who was on her rollerblades, they both freaked out and crashed, he broke his collarbone, and now he's suing the little girl for "pain and suffering." Sheesh, what an unbelievable freak.

"People are responsible for their actions," says Dr. Dlugi's lawyer without a hint of irony. Yes, Doctor, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Own up and apologize to the girl for running into her.

Since Doctor Alexander Dlugi seems sue-happy, let's see if he hauls me to court for libel on the basis of this post.

Dr. Dlugi is the Medical Director at the Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine in New Jersey.

Overtaking vehicles are required to pass at a safe distance, or even *gasp* stop or slow down if necessary. This applies to cyclists as well as motorists. Perhaps somebody should drive by Dr. Dlugi on his bike, honk just as he passes, then sue the Doctor for the damaged trim on the car when the Doctor, startled by the honk, veers into the path of the car and gets hit.

Update: Dr. Alexander Dlugi lost the lawsuit. The jury deliberated a whole 15 minutes.


James said...

This guy is unbelievable! If the publicity from this case hasn’t already negatively impacted his medical practice, I am sure it soon will. I think he deserves the negative attention that he will certainly get from this.

Wallet B. Grundle said...


Fritz said...

"might" makes my statement purely one of conjecture. If I wrote, hypothetically, that "Dr. Alexander Dlugi is an idiot," well, that may give the litiginous fellow some grounds to actually pursue a defamation suit against me. He'd still lose, but it might not be thrown out on its face.

Like James notes, however, this publicity is sure to impact his medical practice. In this discussion thread at, people are posting his phone number and email address. His clinic is certainly getting a lot of attention -- 2000+ diggs on this news as of now.

Masiguy said...

Ok, I'll step out on a limb here and say, without equivocation, he's an idiot. AND an ass!