Thursday, March 08, 2007

Circular folding bicycles

Coroflot  / folding bicycle concept
Coroflot / folded bicycle
This bike is the "Locust" by designer Josef Cadek.

The circular frame allows for unusual folding. After releasing safety lock nuts, the wheels can be turned into the frame. A belt system mounted on two rollers allows the "chain" to be folded. The rear hub has internal gearing.

The seatpost folds back after pressing the red safety lock. To fold the handlebars, the cyclist turns a safety lock nut on the top of the head set. Bike is equipped with disc brake in the front and the clamshell brake at the back, so the brakes don't block folding of the wheels.

According to the designer, this kind of bike will be welcomed by people in the cities, young people, and students at the campuses. It can be use to good effect in large industrial facilities, airports, and city centers as a rent-bike.

Another use is for multimodal transportation. The commuter can park outside of the city center and then continue riding bike loaded in the trunk. Term "park and ride" will have a new meaning. This also looks perfect to bring on public transportation. The color is a safety feature.

The circular design brings to mind Thomas Owen's One Bike, which is also a folder with wheels that fold into a circular frame.

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James said...

It does look similar, but this Locust bike has a much more straightforward drivetrain and stearing system than the One Bike.

Fritz said...

I just took a closer look at the One. I can't figure out the drive system at all -- I don't see a chain, belt, or shaft anywhere.

Steering: Does that thing really pivot in the middle, right in front of the seat post? Yow! What does that kind of caster geometry do to your balance?

Gene said...

Very cute design. Maybe I'm in the wrong frame of mind, but:
1. Would you ride this bike?
2. Do you know anyone who would?

Web said...

If you're curious about the Locust, read the interview I conducted January 9th with Josef Cadek (the bike's designer). Josef specializes in transportation design.

Larry Lagarde

Body Beauty said...

I like the Locust Bike concept. Its a bit odd looking but thats what makes it so fun.

Anonymous said...

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