Friday, March 09, 2007

Santa Cruz: $250 discount for folding bicycles

Santa Cruz County residents can receive a discount of up to $250 on folding bikes through the Santa Cruz Area Transportation Management Agency. The Santa Cruz Area TMA started the folding bike program yesterday to encourage area resident to ride the bus.

Although Santa Cruz Metro is equipping buses with 3-bike racks, cyclists often miss the bus because the racks are full and must wait for subsequent buses. Folding bicycles can be brought into the bus.

Santa Cruz County area residents are eligible for this program by attending a 2-hour bicycle safety training class. Call the Santa Cruz Area TMA 423-9569 ext. 127 to sign up for a class. Currently, the discount is available only at three Santa Cruz bike shops: the Spokesman (Dahon), Bicycle Trip (Giant), and Sprockets (Trek, Dahon, Breezer). A representative of the Santa Cruz TMA told me that other local bike shops in the county can contact the TMA for details on how to join the program.

The Santa Cruz TMA also offers instant rebates of up to $375 for electric bicycles. Like the folding bike program, purchasers must first attend a two hour bicycle safety class to become eligible for the rebate.

Gene has a good article about the folding bikes program.

Santa Cruz TMA: Folding Bikes Incentive Program

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