Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Seattle to increase bike lanes 800%

Making bicyclists of all ages feel more secure in city traffic is a top goal of the city of Seattle, which will soon release the final draft of its Bicycle Master Plan for public comment.

At the heart of the 10-year strategy is a call to designate more than 200 miles of roadway as bike lanes, along with guidelines for safely sharing roads and trails with cars and pedestrians. While the city currently offers only 25 miles of designated bike lanes, the plan anticipates a huge increase in recreational and commuting bicyclists.

What excites Wayne Wentz, the city's director of traffic management, is that the plan was mandated by the people -- as part of a $360 million property tax levy passed last fall -- which means it comes with the funding to make it happen.

Read more in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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m said...

seattle cyclists such as myself can't wait for this to go through! of course it hasn't been without hiccups already; at the first few 'town hall' meetings on this topic, cycling cleats weren't allowed in the building! hopefully the organizers will get more in touch with actual cyclists..

btw the link in the article points to gmail, here's the original: