Sunday, March 25, 2007

Raleigh Coasting selling fast

Raleigh's Coasting bicycle, a hybrid bike featuring Shimano's 3-speed Coasting shifter and coaster brake, is selling faster than Raleigh can build them. According to Raleigh's USA marketing coordinator Carey Schleicher-Haselhorst, the entire first run of both men's and women's Coasting bicycles has already sold out. The next run will be available at USA Raleigh dealers in June.

See Raleigh's website for more information about the Coasting bicycle.


Paul Tay said...

I'm NOT impressed. Sumbody do me a kevlar drivetrain, and they got a deal.

Coelecanth said...

I love that bottom frame, the arched top tube and seat stays remind me of a drawn bow. I hope they sell lots and lots of them so I can pick up one in garage sale for $5 and make it into a fixy.

James said...

This must be some mistake Fritz. Several people have commented lately that this whole "Coasting" thing is not going to catch on for a variety of reasons. Surely Raleigh has excess inventory of these bikes collecting dust in a warehouse somewhere. People don't really want user friendly, comfort oriented bikes do they?

OK fine, I'll stop being sarcastic. I am glad to hear that these bikes are doing so well. Raleigh did a great job with these designs so it is not a surprise. It is great to see the industry as a whole is sucessfully marketing toward potential customers who don't yet ride. As much as I personally love racing bikes, I believe this is what bike companies need to be doing to be successful in the near future.