Friday, July 27, 2007


It's been a bad week in the Bay Area. Death Monsters killed an eleven-month-old baby, two drag-racing teens and two seniors in south San Jose and a still anonymous driver on I-280.

The baby died after his dad drove to work and forgot his son was in the car. Ian Takemoto perished in the back seat after outside temperatures reached 80 degrees. And people are a afraid to ride their bikes to work.

The anonymous driver was killed when a maniac driving 100 mph in rush hour traffic struck two cars, sending the maniac and another driving to the hospital and sending the third driver to his grave in a cataclysmic explosion that shut a major freeway down for four hours with backups along Highway 17, I-880 and surface streets for miles around. And people complain about bicyclists who hold up traffic.

The two teens were driving like teen drivers do on an empty residential road. They lost control, and hit two senior citizens out for a walk in the cool evening air before they hit a pole and were killed themselves. And the other night, a driver struck a police officer directing traffic in San Francisco. And people complain about the laws that cyclists break.

Death Monster photo from San Francisco by Allen & used with permission. All rights reserverd.


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See also this sad story.

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What was the outcome of that Y2K road rage in SF?