Friday, June 27, 2008

Bicycling and smoking

It's pretty bizarre reading forecasts this week and reading "partly smoky." Here's the graphic from the National Weather Service forecast for Monterey this weekend.

Weekend forecast: Partly smoky

With over 1,000 wildfires burning around the state of California, bike riding is a little bit tough. I'm avoiding long distance riding, but even my short bike commute leaves me choking on my phlegm. Here's what the smoke looks like from space.

Air quality management districts throughout California caution residents to refrain from outdoor activity because of the smoke.

Meanwhile over in the Midwest, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources works hard and spends taxpayer money to ensure St. Louis air stays dirty and unhealthy. What a bunch of goons.


inkyfingers said...

I live in Palo Alto and commute to Redwood City via my bicycle. It's not so bad. If it gets too hazy I have a shemagh (think desert banadana) that I can throw over my face. Bonus points because it makes me look like a bandit!

Ron said...

Thats got to suck.

Anonymous said...

You mean DNRs in other states are against cleaner air too?

Roger said...

Fritz, I wish I could ship some of this extra water we have here near St. Louis to help you out. What a bizarre weather year.

Fritz said...

Commuting's okay, but long rides indeed are sucky. Some people I know like Murph are soldiering like usual but they're paying for it.

steph said...

oh it's not that bad. I've been training 4-5x a week (2 hours a day at high intensity) and the worst these past weeks has been light phlegm (I live in Saratoga). Just a part of our habitat. Redwoods can't even germinate without the fire, that's what I keep reminding myself :)
I think we'll be okay. Hang in there.

Gino Zahnd said...

You guys don't know smoky in the bay. When I left Chico (to escape to the bay, where it isn't smoky) on Friday, at 8am everyone had their headlights on because it was so dark from the smoke!

This weekend in the cool and foggy and breezy bay area was a relief, and this post smells like whining to me. :-)

Fritz said...

I was thinking of you up in Chico, Gino. One of my coworkers is from up the Sac Valley and he also told me it's pretty bad.

And what are blogs for besides whining? :-)