Monday, June 23, 2008

Shiny new bikes

I'm seeing a lot of shiny new bikes on Caltrain lately. Murph's using new bikes as a pickup line.

Remember the hullabaloo about Chicago's new bike-friendly traffic laws? Police have issued 233 citations on the new law between March 12 and May 31.

Coping with $5 gasoline.

Slashdot mentions bikes! Montreal's public bike system looks pretty cool.

Design award for SRAM.

I'm hearing a lot more about bike theft in the Bay Area lately, but does anybody still believe uglification is effective?

Human powered flight.


murphstahoe said...

Dude! I'm MARRIED.

Annoyingly I am not wearing my ring lately as I crashed my bike and sprained my ring finger and the knuckle has never returned to normal. I am trying to massage it back to size but I'm going to have to give up soon. Even sooner if my wife reads that...

Jennifer said...

Actually, I might be thrilled to learn that someone else nearby is so passionate about high-speed passenger rail they're willing to ride a bike with a bumper sticker permanently encrusted to the frame that proclaims this.

Fritz said...

Murph -- you even changed your profile photo to feature your family! :-) I hope I don't cause too much trouble for you.

Jennifer -- I've lost your context. What high speed rail bumper sticker?

murphstahoe said...

Even better pickup line. Some woman on the way to Caltrain dropped her chain this morning. I flinched - I was racing for the 324 Bullet train - but realized as I saw her looking completely flustered that I would have to reseat her chain for her.


Jennifer said...

Oh, I have a bumper sticker on the hybrid's frame that says "I'd rather be on a fast train!" and the URL for the Midwest High Speed Rail Association's Web site. It makes slightly more sense if you put it on your car, I suppose.