Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tour of California through the Santa Cruz Mountains?

Ken scooped me on this: Palo Alto is angling to host a stage finish of the 2009 Tour of California. A proposed stage would start "north of San Francisco" (in Marin County, probably?), wind across San Francisco into the coast range then drop out of the Santa Cruz Mountains into downtown Palo Alto. Just for the fun of it I think it would be hilarious if organizers routed the Tour of California through Woodside, California.

Below is the Boonen commercial Ken mentioned. I'm not familiar with the Bettini one. Makes me want to hop on the bike! The Santa Cruz mountains is where I live and where I ride.

Speaking of the Santa Cruz Mountains, here's a photo of me from last Saturday looking like a total dork in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.


naotoj said...

Although the scenery seems familiar to me, I didn't know that those Specialized TV commercials were made in Santa Cruz Mountains. Do you have any idea where they were shot?

gwadzilla said...

here are some shots of me looking like a dork in Santa Cruz as well


Anonymous said...

Seems a little discordant to have a commercial featuring Boonen climbing.

Fritz said...

@Chester: :-) If Boonen can do hills on the Roubaix, then so can I!