Thursday, June 26, 2008

Colorado cyclist hits bear

More cycling news from Colorado:
A cyclist in Boulder County was injured after a run-in, literally, with a bear.

Tim Egan, 53, was riding on Old Stage Road Tuesday afternoon when suddenly a bear appeared in front of him. Egan hit the bear and ended up skidding across the road.

"This bear looked at me with a look of terror on his face and sort of made a noise," said Egan. "I looked at him with a look of terror and we went, 'aaaahhhhh.'"
Old Stage Road is along a popular road cycling route off of Lefthand Canyon Drive in the foothills just north of Boulder, Colorado. Read more in the Rocky Mountain News. There's some interesting elaboration in this earlier Daily Comrade article:
While the man and bear collided, a buck wandered into the scene playing out on the road. The bear turned its attention to the animal and roared, scaring the deer off before running off itself.
Mentioned also in this 9 News article with the usual stupid comments from psuedonymous cowards.

I've had to stop for herds of mule deer and elk while cycling in the Colorado Rockies, and once blundered headlong into a herd of moose(!) but I've never encountered a bear on the road while cycling.


Anonymous said...

on my my cycle tour i just finished, we saw a bear in northern california. it was just hanging out on a section of the old 101 in humboldt county. the second we came around the bend he split, though.

cafiend said...

Couple of guys hit a bear on the Kancamagus Highway in NH back in the 1990s. We used to see them a lot while mountain biking. My wife saw a young one last week while riding to the library. No contact, though.