Friday, June 13, 2008

Colorado bike haiku

Carl ran a bike club for students at Columbine Elementary School in Longmont, Colorado. The bike club was for the Walk Or Wheels ("WOW") program at the school, which encourages students to walk or bike to school and which has an astounding participation rate of over 90%. Carl started the club as an additional impetus to get the kids out of their parents' cars and to teach them to ride safely.

He assigned some homework to the children, asking them to write some "bike haiku" or baiku. Read the student's baiku here.

Enjoy the weekend, all!


getinlost said...

Fritz,thanks for looking. The kids are already asking about the fall session.


murphstahoe said...

Excellent. I went to Niwot Elementary and if I had asked my parents to drive me to or from school they would have whupped my butt. Of course, that was 1976. Good to hear St Vrain Valley is taking back the 70's.