Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Daily Jumble: I'm going to buy a bike!

The Daily Jumble is that illustrated word puzzle I've seen since forever in newspapers, usually in the comics section. Today's theme is the price of gas. Click here to do the puzzle.

Do remember that jacket with the built in turn signals? Leah posted a detailed How To over at Instructables.

I have one of these Safe Turn signals that you strap to your wrist. I promised to send it to Sioux since she's been begging for a lighted turn signal for ages, but I accidentally broke it! (I have to tinker). I'll post a further review later, but in summary: it works better than expected once you figure it out, but it could be a little brighter.

SF Bay Area: Don't forget the MTC Transportation 2035 Survey.

Dallas / Fort Worth: There's a quote from an unnamed "city council person" who reportedly said, "Well there are not many people in my district who want to ride bikes anyway." Does anybody know who this person is and what district of which city he or she represents? BikeDFW has an online petition [very heavy scripting warning!] to show the popularity of cycling in north Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Bike DFW is cycling advocacy in North Texas.


Cliff said...

I live and commute in Dallas, this does not surprise me at all. Two years ago we had 300 feet of bike paths, last year they took it out, and replaced it with a bridge that has three 90 degree turns, in 20 feet, to get on and off.

I have been commuting for three years and the most bikes I have ever seen in my 20 mile ride each way has been 9. It is not easy being an early adapter.

Jeff said...

Thats too bad people don't want to bike to work... the funny thing is, as the prices of gas contain to rise I am sure they will start liking it more and more.

Unless we can up with some amazing answer to our dependence on fossil fuels, I can see bicycling becoming much more popular. The short distances many people drive their cars can just as easily be covered on bicycle, often without even adding much time to the trip (due to traffic, stop lights, etc).