Monday, June 16, 2008


Read and discuss. I saw $4.75 at the 76 gas station in Menlo Park on my way to work this morning. I brought my daughter to work so we rode the employee shuttle. For the first time I ever saw every seat in the shuttle was taken.


bother yam said...

As sad a commentary as that comic is, I can vouch that there are indeed people like the truck-driving guy. My friend had a next door neighbor that would load his bag of trash into his minivan and then drive around the block, up the alley, stop the van get out and put the bag in the trash bin. He would then come down the alley and back into his garage.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

UltraRob said...

Just imagine the gas that is being burned during RAAM. Most solo riders have 2 vehicles plus an RV.

I thought it gas was bad enough when I did RAAM 2 years ago and it was just below $3 a gallon. I had 2 vehicles but didn't use an RV so it wasn't quite as bad. If I manage to do it again, I'd use an RV.

Chris said...

As a fellow Menlo Park resident, I too have been blown away by the pump prices. I ride everywhere I possibly can, but every human activity involves energy use, so there's no point in beating ourselves up over it.

As much as we moan about the price of gas, it's the only way to limit our consumption. Human being are incredibly adaptive and resilient if they're pushed to change. It just takes a $70 stop at the pump to initiate it.