Monday, June 16, 2008

Santa Cruz Wildcat 2008 photos

Josh Muir, owner of Frances Cycles in Santa Cruz, organized the Santa Cruz Wildcat alleycat race that took place last weekend. The Wildcat featured all of the traditional alleycat things -- checkpoints, spoke cards, scavenger hunt, a total disregard for traffic laws and personal property, etc. -- as well as some uniquely Santa Cruz features: probably 2000 feet of elevation gain, redwood forest singletrack, rock gardens, deep beach sand, a lighthouse and a river ford.

I was DNF -- I made it to the checkpoint in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, where we had to carry our bikes and gear through the San Lorenzo River before skipping a rock. The next checkpoint was at the top of the U-Conn trail, but I had to meet my family at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in a half hour so I handed my ice cream off to another rider and cycled down into Santa Cruz.

I'll have my photos from the Wildcat later this week, but click on the photos above for a wonderful set of portraits taken from the UCSC trails.


gwadzilla said...

great photos!

James said...

I agree with gwad, great portraits Fritz.

Fritz said...

oops - I neglected to mention that these portraits were not by me! Joshua took these photos. Posted here with his permission.

JV said...

Scavenger hunt?? Hey, who cares about DNF or results at all when there's a scavenger hunt!