Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bay Area bike commuters

I've been commmuting by bike for a about 20 years, but nowhere have I seen more regular bike commuters in the U.S. than in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even though mornings have been chilly lately, I still see several dozen bike commuters every day. Here's a sampling of photos just from yesterday and today.

This stylish young woman is Emily, who regularly commutes in Menlo Park on this beautiful pink cruiser. I told her I love her pink bike. "I love my pink bike, too!" Emily exclaimed.
Emily and her pink cruiser

This is Aaron on a Masi Speciale Fixed. I ran into him at San Jose Diridon Station. Up to 32 bikes can be loaded into Caltrain's bike cars, which have been packed with bike commuters like Aaron all summer. Aaron reads Masiguy's blog.
Aaron's 2006 Masi Speciale Fixed

Here are some of those Caltrain bike commuters walking through the access tunnel to the station exit at San Jose Diridon station. I see five cyclists in this photo. You'll see a big variety of bikes, gear, and bags on Bay Area bike commuters.
Bike commuters in San Jose

This is one of the bike racks at the Palo Alto Caltrain station. Palo Alto also features secure, indoor parking at the Palo Alto Bikestation.
Palo Alto bike parking


Dr. Logan said...

The guy with the masi is styling. I'm jealous. I might have to reconsider my riding apparel.

Fritz said...

I sometimes wear 'business casual' slacks like this guy, but rolled up halfway to my knees, partially to keep the chain grease off but mostly to show off my Sock Guy socks I usually wear ;-)

Anne said...

I think I'd like to meet Emily too!

James said...

I like the basket on Emily's bike. It is nice how it tapers a bit at the top. Probably keeps the contents nice and secure.