Friday, October 19, 2007

Top 100 lifestyle blogs

I'm so honored! Cyclelicious made the cut in the Top 100 Lifestyle blogs.

Top 100 Lifestyle Blog.

I have my own top 100 list (of a sort). There are so many good bicycling blogs out there to follow!


Ed W said...

Congratulations, Fritz!!!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Top 50 no less... way to go!

(I'm so jealous.)

Dr. Logan said...

Holy cow. Well done, you're like.. the next google.

Warren T said...

Very cool. Contrats.

Fritz said...

Thanks all! The 'next google' ha ha!

Arleigh said...

How about a top 50?!?!

Congrats my friend

Will said...


Here's My Cycling Blog for your top 100 list consideration

A new challenge every year while cycling legendary climbs in the French and Swiss Alps.