Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sheldon Brown's Interbike 2007 report

I looked for Sheldon Brown at Interbike. I did see him across the way once, but he was whizzing away on his electric scooter and he disappeared.

I missed this earlier, but Sheldon posted his own Interbike 2007 updates at his website. He notes the trend toward commuter bikes, especially high end expensive commuters bikes, and he likes what he sees.

Sheldon highlights a handy-dandy emergency derailleur hanger from Wheels Manufacturing that might have come in handy when I trashed my hanger. But then again maybe not, since I also destroyed the rear derailleur and my chainring bolts.

There's lots of good stuff at Sheldon's Interbike 2007 report. Give it a read when you have the chance.


Rich Kelly said...

Sheldon was a guest on our Good Morning Interbike show in the Media Center this year. I'm still working to get it up on our on-demand video player, but it was a fun interview and let's us see the man behind the vast knowledge base.

Tschallb said...

I too ran into Sheldon at the show and made a beeline over to him to thank him for his site. Over the years I probably have visited the site a 100 or more times for information that I couldn't find anywhere else.