Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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Don't forget: Streetview Contest!

Danilo Di Luca busted for doping. He didn't actually test positive for any drugs; Di Luca was suspended for three months for links to Italian doctor Carlo Santuccione, who is the center of an "Oil for Drugs" investigation. Di Luca recently won the Giro d'Italia.

READ THIS NOW: Cycling is safer than you think!.

Dave Moulton rants about Pedestrians On Bikes. I'm personally a big tent guy and love to see all of the newcomers out on the streets, though cyclist education is certainly needed. Dave makes a good point that many new cyclists see themselves as "fast pedestrians," and this view does result in a lot of the disagreement we see between those who advocate for a Dutch style network for fast pedestrians, and the traditional American and British view of cyclists as slow vehicles.

Apparently, yesterday was some sort of blog action day or something. Logan gives his advice.

Fixed Gear reviews The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles. Yumm. Gift idea if you're looking for the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life.

Danielo's latest project: Babes on Bikes.

Carboholics Anonymous: "Save me from myself: I can't stop emitting carbon. Unless the government changes the rules to induce me to stop, I will kill the planet."

Pedro's favorite cycling blogs.

Announcing the ROCBIKE REVIEW #2, and podcast from Rochester, New York. Jason Crane interviews Kevin J. Hayes, author of An American Cycling Odyssey. Fritz says give it a listen.

Announcing VeloPaint, ‘Painting that celebrates the spirit of cycle sport and those that ride.’ See the VeloPaint blog, too.

Truly One Less Car?

WIRED: "Switchback" converts from upright bike to recumbent with a twist grip. CycleDog, in the meantime, expresses his great appreciation for our laid back (though strange) friends.

MAKE: How to uglify your bike. In reality, the professional thieves already know how to see through the ugly and see the true bike beneath.

I've been meaning to mention this mirror glove here. It's a joke.

Time to ride!


danielo said...

Thanks for the link love, and for your submissions to BabesonBikes.blog.com!

FixedXorBroken said...

I've gotta say that a crappified bike makes for a lot less thievable bike.

I have mine covered in stickers to make it look more unique / crappy.

The people who usually steal them are just looking for their next crack rock. If there are pro thieves who target high end bikes, and can spot dingified ones, I haven't heard tell of them where I live.