Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Reelight bicycle light review

I installed a set of the popular Danish Reelight SL100 electrodynamic battery-less bike lights on my bike and reviewed the lights at Commute By Bike.

Quick summary: I like them. Handy, no batteries to fuss with, they work as advertised.

Reelight bike light on front wheel


SueJ said...

great idea but not enough dazzle for me :) :)

Fritz said...

Sure they're not all that bright, but Sue, they *flash*! ;-)

Reelight SL-120 said...

Hey SueJ - i've found that in the city they're bright enough for every day use. Just as long as you don't need to find your way with them!

Mark Tow said...

In UK, the law required rear lights must be at least 35cm high from the ground.

If any one install this reelights on a 26 inch wheels normal bike, the back lights are less than 35cm from the ground, therefore is illegal.

Anything happened on road, other side lawyer will rise the question about the lights

Other country may have same law.

Yokota Fritz said...

Good point, Mark. Reelight claims their lights comply with the 35 cm height requirement on everything except bikes with very small tires, but 26 inch mountain bike tires are, in reality, more like 25 inches or about 63 to 64 centimeters, so axle mounted lights are indeed below the 35 cm minimum height. I'll have to remember to measure this tonight when I get home.

700c/29" tires should be fine, though.