Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bike lane passing lane

These passing lanes in the bicycle lane in Portland are kind of cute:

The new markings include side-by-side bike lane symbols to denote the passing lane and skip-striping both where the lane widens (and then narrows) and to separate the slow and fast lanes. The new striping was done to facilitate easier and safer passing on an uphill portion of one of Portland's most congested bikeways. More info at BikePortland here and here.

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gwadzilla said...

I often think about why we will never reach the same level of acceptance of the bicycle in our culture as lets say... china or copenhagen

part of the issue is that cyclists are looking for exercise in their commute
instead of just plugging along

the great collections of one speed bikes move at roughly the same speed
no one looking to break a sweat
no one training for anything

that is part of what makes it work

in our US culture there is such a wide variety of riding styles that a mass of cyclists can be a dangerous thing

this passing lane is a good idea