Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I had a post in mind about 9/11, terrorism and American liberty, but it's a busy day week at work so I'll point you to this old article on Freedom from Citizen Rider.
They hate us because we are free. They hate us because we question the beliefs they hold so fervently. They hate us because they think we don't belong in their country.

Assuming that their way of life is the one true path, they deem us infidels, lesser beings who deserve to be destroyed.

They can't stand freedom. Having given it up themselves, it irks them to see anyone else have it and use it. They create a whole value system based on the necessity to be like them and deprive ourselves as they do.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, free to bomb their countries and take their oil. What a load of bullshit

Fritz said...

You need to quit making assumptions and read the article, Anonymous.

SueJ said...

Welp, s/he doesn't *need* to :)

I did click through rather than assume this was yet another endorphin-charged "you don't know bliss!!" post... and it isn't.
Is there a way to call this "freedom" (the freedom to drive where & when you want... at the expense of *other* peoples' lives and freedoms as well as your own) what it is... without it being a *them* thing?
So many of them are us.