Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Zero Per Gallon

From the Shameless Commerce department...

I've gotten a lot of comments on this Zero Per Gallon "$0.00 9/10" patch on my bag.

Zero Per Gallon

Most people "get it" except for a few uptight engineer types that are a little too literal minded. Actually, I think they get it too, they just like being dweebish pinheads.

These iron-on patches are $5 each. You can also get stickers for $2 each (cheaper in quantity). The stickers are also available denominated in Euros and burritos.

Zero Per Gallon now also takes bicycle tires and recycles them into belts that you can buy via his site.

I don't get a penny for promoting Johnny's patches and stickers; it's just cool stuff that I want to mention. Buy it at Zero Per Gallon.


Anonymous said...

Ok. I'm a moron. I don't get it. Can anyone explain? The ZPG website is a bit, err, difficult.

Fritz said...

I don't get the ZPG website either. It's whacked.

Anonymous said...

what's so difficult about the ZPG website?

Chris said...

I want a patch that says: 497 MPG