Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Interbike 2007 photos and more

The Bike Hugger started a Flickr pool for Interbike 2007 photos, which I've joined and will post my photos too. The Hugger also provided good coverage on the Outdoor Demo day, with quick views of a city bike from Felt and Raleigh's Soujourn touring bike.

Bike Magazine has lots of nice bike porn, including some good closeups of the new carbon belt drive that's been getting some attention lately.

Singletrack tried the new Spot bicycle with the carbon belt drive and compared it with the Orange belt drive prototype.

MTBR.com also has their usual excellent gallery of photos from the Outdoor Demo days.

VeloNews also posted plenty of yummy gear photos from the Outdoor Demo. Cyclingnews provides a more newsy overview.

In case you missed this earlier:Specialized president Mike Sinyard and some of his employees rode their bikes the 600 miles from Specialized HQ in San Jose to Las Vegas. I thought about doing that, but it's either high mountains or hot desert for the entire journey, which kind of scared me. It's a tough ride.

Interbike 2007 news.

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Michael said...

If Cannondale is taking the same approached as Specialized, expect them to show up at Interbike nine days late...