Friday, September 14, 2007

Kids tandem bicycle

I took this photo during my bike commute this morning:

Kids Tandem

That's a "KidzTandem" bicycle hand built by Brown Cycles of Grand Junction, Colorado.

The adult controls - steering, braking and gearing - are in the back, allowing the child to pedal and enjoy viewing everything that's coming up.

The front of bike can take a toddler seat for the very young. This toddler seat can be easily replaced with a saddle for older children.

Frank pointed out a similar child-in-front tandem, the Love Bike. While the KidzTandem has a linkage connecting the steering handlebar to the front fork, the Love Bike uses a big curvy cruiser handlebar that swoops back past the child to the adult sitting in the rear seat.

Photo taken in Palo Alto, California.


Graham said...

Last year at Interbike, Brown Cycles rode this around at the OutDoor Demo with a muppet in the front seat. Very cool...since it lets the kid thing he/she is steering. Probably gives them more motivation to keep pedaling too.

James said...

That is great; I want one. The problem with the trail-a-bike with young kids is that you can't keep an eye on them. This is a great solution.

fixedgear said...

It's a classic design that goes back to Arnold Schwinn and Co. The gentleman captain sits in the rear so the stoker arrives at the accident scene first. Seriously, it's great like this for parent and child.

Anne said...

It's a ripper Fritz - Mind if I hook that post?

Fritz said...

Go for it, Anne. Those puppies are waaay too adorable, BTW!

Treadly and Me said...

That's great. I want! I want!

Stefan said...

Hey, that's me and me kids on that there KidzTandem!

By now, my son has graduated to his own bike (I follow him to school) though he still does fit on the front, and my daughter has moved on up to the stoker position (leaving the kid seat for more backpack carrying capacity).

We have also rigged up a Blackburn LowRider front rack for 2 panniers up front, though with the wrong panniers there are serious clearance issues on the inside pannier on turns.

Yokota Fritz said...

Hi Stefan, I'm glad you found this! Your bike is awesome.