Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Interbike 2007 links

Commute By Bike previews the Civia Cycles $3000 commuter bikes, GT Transeo $400 commuter bike, Joe Breeze's $2000 commuter bike, Korean minibikes, and Raleigh USA's new Detour Deluxe which is a nice looking bike indeed.

Mobiky folding bicycle WIRED blog looks at a $200 helmet, a 50 pound e-bike, and the new Ibis Tranny convertible bike.

Tim Grahl in the midst of cycling legends.

Shimano cycling video contest winners announced.

Chicago Bike Blog: "Urban" is the new buzzword.

There are many many Recumbents at Interbike.

Lots of Interbike goodies at Speedgoat blog.

29 inches: floor highlights.

Blue Collar MTB: Interbike update.

I was on Cycling.TV live today in a roundtable with several other bike bloggers.

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James said...

Great Interbike coverage Fritz! I wish I were there too.

You forget to mention this post on the Wired gadget blog. I only mention it because it links back to one of my personal favorite bike blogs.