Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tax credit for exurban car commuters

Hey America, did you know that we're at near record low gasoline inventory levels in the United States? What do you do when you're running short of a declining resource? Do you carefully husband the resource so it will last as long as possible? "No!" proclaims Congresscritter Zack Space of Ohio. "Let's pass money around so we can use it up even faster!"
I announced my plan to introduce the Rural Commuters Tax Relief Act of 2007. This legislation could not be simpler: If your household makes less than the national median income, you drive more than 30 miles to work and you work at least four days per week, then you receive a $100 tax credit for each month that the average price of gas is more than $3 per gallon.
The U.S. household median income in 2006 was $48,200. If you're married filing jointly with two children, you can easily find enough deduction to bring your federal tax burden to less than $3000. With this tax credit you can chop your tax bill nearly in half!

It's nice that Mr. Space is pulling for the little guy, but I and others have been warning for years that the affordable house out in the exurban prairie won't be so affordable once oil prices start the inevitable climb right about now.

Read Zack Space's opinion piece here. You have to wonder what they thought on Easter Island when the last tree was chopped down.


Illinoisfrank said...

I was at at party last week and two people there were complaining about their commute by car. Seems they go from one suburb to another and the traffic is so bad that it takes them 45 minutes to an hour each way. Oh, did I mention that the distance involved is 8 miles? I suggested they try riding a bike to save time and money. Although that thought never occurred to them, they actually seemed to be considering it. I'll let you know if either one gives it a try.

Fritz said...

Nearly an hour to get 8 miles? Wow, that's pretty bad.

My commute took 80 minutes this morning. But I traveled 24 miles and it was by bike ;-) Oh, and I enjoyed it!