Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Road rash repair kit

It's a good idea to keep something like this on hand.

Road Rash Repair Kit

The company owner, Rich Singer, was riding Bayfront Park in Menlo Park when he spilled and tore up his arm. He put something like this kit together afterwards and now here he is at Interbike selling it.

The kit comes with antimicrobial cleanser, tape, surgical sponges, hydrocolloid dressing and elastic bandage to hold the dressing in place.

Seen at Interbike. Buy at


Anonymous said...

brave soldier's been selling these for years.

gwadzilla said...


even assembling it on your own is a good idea

keeping something like that in the car would come in handy after the spill on the trail or the crash in the race

some clean up in the parking lot
before the serious clean up in the shower at home

Anonymous said...

If you look at the contents of the Brave Soldier Crash Pak, it is completely different. The Crash Pak supplies Band Aids and the Repair Kit heals with hydrocolloids. Hydrocolloids are what the pros use.

Fritz said...

True that about hyrdocolloids -- there's no comparison between that and bandages.

After a bad spill I've cleaned up using my water bottle for the initial flushing.