Friday, September 07, 2007

Team Slipstream jersey design contest

For those who dislike Team Slipstream's distinctive argyle jersey design, here's your chance to change the design: a jersey design contest for a professional cycling team!

Entries must be received September 15. A panel of judges will select the top five designs, and then these selections will be moved to the web where the public will decide!

There's a design kit (Mac OS only) to download, a form to fill out, and some Design rules: You must use Slipstreams orange and blue; the design must incorporate Slipstream's argyle pattern; and the design must feature Slipstream, Chipotle, and Felt logos.

So get cracking! Props to Bicycle Design for this. Reported also at TdF Blog and Tournez a gauche.

I also just found Will Frischkorn's blog. Will races for Team Slipstream out of Boulder, Colorado. He writes of himself, "Somehow I’m lucky enough to be married to the most incredible, beautiful, smart and beyond understanding woman in the world, Cheynna. We live in the Pleasantville-esque bubble of Boulder, Colorado with our 5 year old Golden, Charlotte. I spend most of my season in Girona, Spain. Cheynna’s a teacher; I’m a cyclist. I race with Team Slipstream, based in Boulder, Colorado and Girona, Spain. By most definitions it’s a blessed life I live."


IB Rich said...

Even though I use a Mac and can't test it, their design toolkit should work on PC's too. You just need the right design software to open the files. Looks like they provide each file in a few formats (eps, ai, jpg or pdf) to work with either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop type programs. All should be OS-neutral.
This seems like a fun contest.

James said...

I'll second what ib rich said. I opened all of the kit files on a PC running Photoshop and Illustrator.