Friday, September 19, 2008

Bike Pirates

Noah did this on Talk Like a Pirate Day last year.

Bike Pirate

Don't forget BIKE PUNX.

Oh, and today is National PARKing Day.

Have a good Friday!


GhostRider said...

Two bikes of mine have flown the Jolly Roger:


GhostRider said...

Let's try that long one again:

Yokota Fritz said...

Wonderful! How do you mount the flag pole?

The rest of you feel free to post links to your own pirates and bike photos.

Yokota Fritz said...

...on the non-Xtra bike, that is.

GhostRider said...

I put an endcap with a long bolt on the end of the pole and attached it to the kickstand plate. Then, I used an old metal reflector bracket and ran a bolt through the pole to it for extra stability right at the seatpost. Piece of cake!

Everyone should fly a pirate flag -- it garners motorist attention like nothing else...