Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rain cover bicycle rack

Here's a bicycle rack with a built in rain cover for the saddle.

Seen in Copenhagen. Photo by David Baker and used here with his kind permission.


Anonymous said...

Nice, but I thought that's what the motel shower caps were for.

ozzmosis said...

Looks a little over-engineered to me! Plastic bag and a rubber band works just as well :)

- ozz

Ron said...

Wow, cool. I would built a rain cover for my head, but thats just me :)

Joel said...

First thought is that there must be a lot more leather saddle people there. Second is that there is what looks like an umbrella loop (I know, it's for locking the seatpost/rear wheel/saddle but hey...) on the post holding the rain cover.

jill said...

thats minor compared to my bicycle canopy, it waterproofs and weatherproofs the whole rider and bike at the same time and even while travelling from the top of the head to the top of the legs and compltete hand and arm coverage as well!
see my design plan kit to build yuor own on your own bike at home: