Monday, September 15, 2008

Tinker Juarez endorses iBert

Though my children are now too old to use it, I loved the iBert child seat when I first saw it a couple of years ago. Mountain Bike Hall of Famer Tinker Juarez loves the seat so much he contacted iBert about endorsing the seat. Here's Tinker's wife Terri Slifko toting their toddler son Josh around in the iBert.

Terri Slifko on a bike with son Josh Juarez. Terri is married to mountain biker Tinker Juarez.

The iBert Safe-T-Seat is a front-mounted bicycle seat that places the child between the adult rider and the handlebars giving parents improved control over both the child and the bicycle. The safe-T-seat uses a specially designed, easy-to-use attach/detach system that fits most bikes on the market today and is available in bright green. I've played with this seat some (sans child) and it seems to work well.


Jared said...

That mountain bike is way too nice to be on pavement! Shame...

This seems like one of the safer methods of carrying your kiddo around. Child carriers always scare me a little bit...same with the trailers.

James said...

I have seen top tube mounted carriers like that in Europe, but they didn't seem to be widely available here while my kids were that age. It does seem like a better system and the kid definitely gets a better view.

dolan said...

I had the iBert for a while. It's a decent enough design. Really it's biggest flaw is the mounting system to the frame. When the seat isn't on the bike, it leaves a rather.. dangerous looking (esp. if you're male) protruding mount.

These days I use an Xtracycle with a "Pea Pod" (bobike maxi), but I think the iBert is definitely worth checking out.