Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ian Hibell RIP

Legendary touring cyclist Ian Hibell was killed in August after he was hit by a hit and run driver in Greece.

Ian Hibell is one of the greats of cycling -- he left his job in 1963 and never went back, becoming the first man to ride pole to pole from Africa to Alaska. He rode, dragged, carried and pushed his bike to every corner of the planet and continued his cycling adventures until his death in Greece at age 74. He inspired many cycling tourists with his book, Into the Remote Places, which highlights his adventures touring the world by bike.


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cafiend said...

Stories like this always make me angry and sad. Aging adventurers deserve the right to die of peaceful hypothermia, or of being bought too many free drinks by enraptured fans. Getting smacked down by yet another sleazy pig of a motorist is too gross an insult and too harsh an exit.