Friday, September 05, 2008

Man bites dog.

Dateline Santa Cruz, California.

1. Motorist and cyclist get into argument.
2. Cyclist kicks car door.
3. Motorist gets out of car and assaults cyclist, hitting him on the head with a broom handle.
4. Cyclist, defending himself, pulls out a knife and stabs motorist.
5. Cyclist rides away on his cruiser bike.
6. Police on manhunt for the cyclist, who they name as a suspect in the crime of, umm, defending himself I guess.
7. Okay, maybe the knife was a bit much.
8. But if I'm a Latino on bike in Santa Cruz, is it really a good idea to wait around for the police to sort out who started the fight?

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Man stabbed on Santa Cruz west side.
KSBW News: Bicyclist stabs driver.

In other news, Man bites dog.


Mark said...

Looks like the problem is the progression from #1 to #2.

Why did the cyclist attack the drivers property (i.e. the car)?

Argument is one thing - but taking that to the next level of attacking person or property is another.

Yokota Fritz said...

Yeah, the kicking the car was out of line, but I don't think there's any equivalence between property damage to battery.

Mark said...

You are correct there is also blame on the driver for escalating even further.

El Guapo said...

Good point on #8. I imagine the same goes for any "minority", or even dirty looking Caucasians.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the cyclist made the first violent action here by kicking the car. If I was in a car and someone started kicking it I would feel assaulted. Who carries knives around anyway? Concealed weapon? He deserves some time in jail, cyclist or not.

cafiend said...

As a hot-tempered cyclist toting around years' worth of frustration at motorist intolerance, I certainly understand the urge to lash out. Only overlaid wisdom, maintained with conscious effort, keeps me from popping off more often. Physical confrontation always seems to mimic the arms race. Fist to rock to club to spear to bow and cruise missile. So don't even start an exchange that does not really address the basic justice issues. But don't they just piss you off sometimes?

Anonymous said...

Helpful hint: always carry a cell phone camera, take pictures of the motorist's plates and face, and e-mail them to a police officer or DA you have befriended.