Saturday, September 06, 2008


Contest starts

Win a Monkey Electric Bicycle Wheel light

I'm giving away a Monkey Electric Bicycle Wheel light. Here's how you win.
  • Sometime between Sunday and next Saturday, fill out the contest entry form.
  • You find the contest entry form by participating in a virtual "alleycat" race. You go from checkpoint to checkpoint, perform (for fun) various virtual "skills tests" and proceed to the next checkpoint.
  • The race isn't to the swift -- winners will be selected at random from all eligible entries -- so hang out at the checkpoints for a little while and relax if you want. The checkpoints are all blogs and photo pages on the Internet.
  • Not all checkpoints are quite "live" at the moment that I'm posting this, but I anticipate you should be able to go through all checkpoints by Sunday evening. If there's a bad link somewhere by Sunday evening, please leave a comment here and let me know.
  • This contest is open only to residents of the USA and Canada, and only where it's legal for you. Sorry to those elsewhere.
  • Retail value for the Monkey Electric bike light is $65 -- winner is responsible for any taxes.
  • Almost all the checkpoints are pointers to blogs, but not specific blog entries. You must hunt through the blog entries to find my comment for the next checkpoint.
  • I've received permission from all blog owners for me to post the checkpoints to their comment area. Thank you very much to all participants!
  • Thank you also to MONKEY ELECTRIC for this wonderful and fun prize.
  • Have fun with this! I hope you enjoy running this virtual alleycat. Let me know if you like it and I might try something like this again.
On your mark, get set, and visit the first checkpoint!


David 'The FredCast' Bernstein said...

Hey Fritz!

I love this game. I hope it proves to be really successful. If so, maybe we can morph it into a virtual charity ride someday. Keep it in mind.

See you at Interbike!


James said...

I agree with David. This alleycat game was a great idea, and I hope it is a big success.

David said...

help - I'm stuck in columbus!

Yokota Fritz said...

I've just posted a detour in Greenville around Columbus and San Diego. Sorry about the confusion!

Judging from the "checking in" comments it looks like people are having fun with this -- after the contest I'll let you know how many entries I receive.

Shane Rhodes said...

Thanks for the ride!
After a beer break I was able to finish without too much sweat.

Ian said...

Good stuff, thanks for the fun.

Took a few breaks and detours of my own along the way but with some bread crumbs managed to find my way back on course.