Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shiseido Anessa sunscreen

Urban Velo got snarky and asks "Want to smell like a messenger?" which is a weird thing to say about makeup and eyeliner.

Shiseido Anessa

You can even buy it through and Shiseido dealers in the USA, China and elsewhere. Anessa is a line of sunscreen and related makeup products for the 'active' woman. Use Shiseido's products and you too can look like a kewl city bike messenger.

What's fascinating to me is Shiseido's use of Japanese models for their marketing. For the past 30 years or more, Japanese beauty products have generally been promoted with very blond and very Caucasian models. Shiseido made news last year when they broke ranks and started using Japanese models for their products.

More commentary at Bikes and the City.


James said...

I don't really get the smell comment either, but the model in the picture does looks like she might smell better than the average bike messenger.

Benjamin Jones said...

I guess it's strange that a japanese company would use japanese models? Or that I japanese product would be available in other places besides the US and China.

Just teasing. Shiseido has good smelling stuff in my opinion, I use it just because.

Anonymous said...

Pretty girl, but she's no messenger. Can't see her flipping a wheel, or flipping off a taxi.

Adam Durand said...

Is that a real human being, or computer generated?

Enhancement Smoker said...

I wish more bike messengers looked like that beauty!!!