Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bait bicycles, hidden cameras and public safety

Mariano Pasik of Buenos Aires, Argentina started his La Prueba de la Bicicleta project as a way to to gauge how safe an area is. I think his bike theft videos are more fascinating as security "honeypot" research.

Bait bikes are placed, unlocked, in a public place with a hidden camera pointing at the bike. La Prueba de la Bicicleta (The Bike Test) then times how long the bike lasts before somebody swipes the bike. It's interesting to see the thieves see the bike and wander back and forth a few times before they finally grab the bike and go.

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Michael said...

This reminds me of the guy who set up a bicycle and had a video camera on top of a building aiming at the area he had it set up at.

He had the handlebars just loose enough, as well as the front quick release, so that the person could ride away. However, once they put a little more strength into pedaling, the bicycle basically fell apart at the rider went flying.

Great entertainment and karma at it's finest.