Monday, October 06, 2008

Dating advice from fixed gear cyclists

The post started out kind of clever but then went downhill. Google for it if you're interested.

Orange brakeless fixie photo by me in Las Vegas...

Brakeless fixie

LA Times talks about Sport Utility Bikes.

Ken Conley's Interbike photography experience.

Santa Clara County Trail Count news coverage.

Suzue caps and shirts from Soma Fabrications.

Pedal Powered Tank.

Miley Cyrus still rides a bicycle. She turns 16 next month -- let's see if she continues with the bicycles.

You can buy Trek bicycles @

Chris writes about Interbike 2008:
The world does not need this many high-end carbon-rimmed wheels, road or MTB. Who is going to buy all these $2000-$6000 wheels?

(Ad) Thomas Friedman's Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution and How It Can Renew America.
Friedman proposes that an ambitious national strategy' which he calls 'Geo-Greenism''is not only what we need to save the planet from overheating; it is what we need to make America healthier, richer, more innovative, more productive, and more secure.


UltraRob said...

I was surprised by the Trek bike at Amazon since Trek seems to be a brand that keeps things off the web. The link you have is to a used one. I couldn't find any new ones for sale.

Fixed Bicycle said...

You can buy anything from Amazon