Monday, October 13, 2008

Field guide to the New York City Bicyclist

A cute slide show at the New York Times covers

  • The Noble Rider, who looks suspiciously like Pee Wee Herman;
  • The Fixed Gear Rider, who looks suspiciously like he sings the Lumberjack song;
  • The Vintage Bike Fashion Gal, who paid more for her clothes than she did for her bike; and
  • The Weekend Warrior, whose bike (a $13,000 Pinarello) costs more than my entire wardrobe.
They totally left out: What other categories of cyclists are missing?


m e l i g r o s a said...

the ultimate creep bike thief by day, tweeker by nite-wait tweeker all day.

Tom said...

Don't forget the Bearde- Pipe Smoking- Recumbent Geek.

Jennifer said...

The Environmental Crusader
The Scrap-Metal Trader
The Remorseful DUI Convict
The Weekend Warrior Lite (the middle-aged couple riding around the forest preserve on their new hybrids)
The Idealistic College Student
The Impoverished Grad Student
The Evangelical Recumbent Geek
The Evangelical Folding Bike Geek
The BMX Hooligan

fixedgear said...

The weekend warrior was on the Tour de Pink, I drove a sag wagon. She was riding her 'other' bike, a Seven. It must be nice to have money.

It's a very NYC thing, though, 'no one else has this bike.'

We're 'matchy tandem couple who goes to bike rallies.'

Yokota Fritz said...

Heh, I like your additions. Good ones there!

I can't believe I forgot to list Biker Fox: He's a category until himself.