Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Bike Hut on Tunitas Creek Road

Alison Chaiken rode over the weekend and visited The Bike Hut on Tunitas Creek Road.

Tunitas Creek Road BIKE HUT

Alison wrote this of her visit:
Yesterday I did the Pescadero-Tunitas coast ride with some buddies and we happened upon the Bike Hut, which is quite visible as you cycle along the bottom of Tunitas. Attached is a photo of proprietors Bill and Christine, who came out to greet us when we paused to check out the facility.

The Bike Hut is basically not open yet, but it's going to be a wonderful place. I'd be happy to have a water and porta-potty at the bottom of Tunitas, but the fact that there will be healthy energy snacks and drinks plus picnic tables is almost too much. Freedom from Gu and ClifShots, yes!

Bill and Christine have been on their organic farm for just two months, but they already have a plan to offer organic produce to low-income families in Half Moon Bay. They are big supporters of the Marin Agricultural Trust and are committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices. You can learn more about their efforts at potreronuevofarm.org. I'm sure the whole Bay Area cycling community wishes them tremendous success!
Photo and text published here with Alison's kind permission. The Bike Hut is located at 1045 Tunitas Creek Road about a mile up from Highway 1 south of Half Moon Bay, California.


William Laven said...

Bill here from The Bike Hut. First, thanks to Alison for her visit and this post. Christine & I want to explain that while the store itself is not open yet, the picnic area is open now and there's always a jug of free water so please feel free to stop by at anytime and enjoy a place to sit and refresh your water bottles. Keep an eye out for the store itself to open in January or February.

Yokota Fritz said...

THanks for dropping by, Bill, and thanks for creating the Hut!

The Bike Hut said...

WE'RE OPEN. Opening day was Monday, Feb. 16 to celebrate the Tour of California whizzing by. So, drop on by and get some coffee, tea, hot chocolate and sweet and savory snacks.

James Gordon said...

Flash and Mr. D from Team Alameda visited the Bike Hut today! We could not believe that this oasis of shelter,coffee and organic snacks actually exists, until we sat on the super comfy couch and took it all in. What a great idea, very progressive and welcome. I bought a bag of dried vegies for my wife, very tasty! And the honor system is on such a higher plane. Thank you Bill and Christine. Flash, Team Alameda cycling club.