Thursday, October 23, 2008

Xtracycle on Twitter

It's very cool to see that they get it. Jeremy & Nate participate and even respond to Tweets directed to them.

James is writing about cycling with kids where XtraCycle's products and related stuff get several nods from the community. I gave my thumbs up to the Big Dummy and to the Yuba Mundo, which I test drove at Interbike with two gorgeous umbrella girls seated on the back during the Vegas Criterium. The Yuba Mundo handles marvelously even with the well dressed women swaying and clutching at me for balance and security during the ride.

Many people are posting about the Taga "multifunctional urban vehicle," which won a design prize at Eurobike 2008. In the meantime, the similar USA designed Zigo "carrier bicycle" reports sales are taking off for their human powered child carrier three wheeler.

My daughter (now age 9) is a veteran of several human powered child transportation devices. Her absolute hands down favorite? Chris Brown's KidzTandem. "I'm not looking at your butt all day, Dad," she tells me of the KidzTandem, which features seating up front for the child.

Quad Tandem + Trailer


Bent said...

Interesting that both Taga and Zigo are "first in the world, EVAR" to introduce a concept that Danish Company Triobike [ ] has been offering for at least four years now... :-)

Yokota Fritz said...

Oh yeah, the Triobike; thanks for pointing that out.

James said...

Thanks for the link Yokota Fritz.

Man, this post makes me want to see pictures of your Yuba test ride.

Yokota Fritz said...

It was the two ladies on the left in this photo.