Tuesday, October 21, 2008

VOTE for Ohio Cyclist!

He wants to remain anonymous, but Ohio Cyclist entered an electronics contest in which he submitted a device that continuously records audio, the distance of passing vehicles, road grade, and relative headwind. The audio portion is in a circular buffer so that the only the last minute or so of audio is saved, but pressing a button instructs the device to "remember" the audio. According to Ohio Cyclist, this can be useful to record instances of verbal harassment from passing motorists.

You can read the invention details here and vote on it after registering online.

Sorry for the late notice: You have only until 8 AM Eastern Time on Wednesday morning (gulp!) to post your vote. Ohio Cyclist is also interested in any feedback or ideas about his device so please leave your comments here.

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Anonymous said...

The registration is rather clunky.
They send a random password to the
email address you give, but note,
the '.' at the end is NOT part of
the random password.