Thursday, October 30, 2008

Caltrain vs pickup truck in San Mateo, train wins

Caltrain northbound #101 -- the first train of the morning -- struck a pickup truck before 5:30 this morning as the train approached the San Mateo station. The train hit the truck on the tracks at 9th Street in San Mateo, dragging it all the way to 5th Street before the train came to a stop. The driver was killed, unfortunately.

Southbound trains were delayed, with limited southbound service from San Francisco resuming about 8 AM and northbound service beginning about 9 AM. As of 9:15, trains are operating past San Mateo in both directions. Caltrain expects to be back on schedule at noon today.

Mercury News story includes photos of the truck, which is peeled open like a sardine can. :-(

I got news of the crash early this morning on my phone via Twitter/Caltrain, so I rode my bicycle from San Jose to work this morning.

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bikesgonewild said...

...while it's a shame the guy was killed, just how smart are you to tempt fate w/ a pickup truck when your adversary is a train ???...

...another darwin award...